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Dot Rice
  Dot Ponni Rice Thanjavur
  Dot Par Boiled Rice
  Dot Idlly Rice Short Grain
  Dot Broken Rice (100%)
Dot Spices
  Dot Turmeric
  Dot Tamarind
Dot Seeds
  Dot Yellow Corn
  Dot Groundnut
  Dot Sunflower Seeds
Dot Coconut
  Dot Raw Coconut
  Dot Desiccated Coconut
  Dot Coconut Fiber
  Dot Coconut Shell
  Dot Coconut Charcoal
  Dot Cocopeat
  Dot Coconut Mug / Cup
Dot Fruits
  Dot Lemon
  Dot Papaya
  Dot Tomato
  Dot Banana
  Dot Mango
  Dot Watermelon
Dot Vegetables
  Dot Red Onion
  Dot Red Chillies
  Dot Green Chillies
  Dot Curry Leaves
  Dot Bitter Guard
  Dot Ladies Finger
  Dot Cabbage
  Dot Small Onion
  Dot Potato
  Dot Tomato
  Dot Brinjal
  Dot Drumstick
  Dot Carrot
Dot Miscellaneous
  Dot Jaggery

Exporting Superior Quality,  Competitive Price,   Prompt delivery


SriRaja Valli International Agro Products Division was established with the motive of Exporting quality Agro products from India to other countries

We have made our mark in the export of a wide variety of Rice, Onions, Dry red chilies, Tamarind, Turmeric, Yellow corn,  Ground nut, Sun flower seeds, Coconuts, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut  fibre, Coconut Shell, Charcoal, Cocopeat. We source our products  from the best-selected agricultural farms from various regions in India.

India is one of the leading producers of Agricultural products in the world.

The growing demand in the international market for agro products has given us a chance to cater our services to our esteemed clients.

Quality combined with a fair price and prompt delivery, has etched our name in the international market.


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